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Using an advanced data-driven approach, we provide you with the tools to discover your full human potential and find the career path best suited to your innate talents and abilities.



Personal and career counseling helps you identify your individual strengths and weaknesses. We use the power of data to empower you to thrive in your existing life and work environment or to find a new career path that better aligns with your talents, desires and skills.

We specialize in counseling individuals who feel stuck or challenged in life. We help you gain an outside perspective of yourself and provide valuable insights regarding your driving desires and new direction.


If you are unhappy and questioning your current career choice and you want guidance and insight to discover your true path, then this is your next step to finding the answers to your questions. To live a happy and meaningful life, finding a fulfilling career that is well-suited to your innate talents is paramount. We help you identify your career path and implement the steps to achieve your goals.


“Thanks to Jennifer Hamann’s unique coaching style, I’ve made great strides in a relatively short amount of time. She guided me through some challenging times and helped me come out the other side with integrity and confidence in my ability to handle future challenges.”
Kris, Entrepreneur
“Jen has helped me in so many different areas of my life; creating healthy patterns and boundaries in personal relationships, and with my boss and coworkers. As a result my career has improved, and my relationships are the healthiest of my life. She has given me the ability to sharpen the tools I didn’t know I already had. Her approach is very constructive, providing homework that’s totally doable.”
Cory, Business Owner

“Jen’s knowledge and guidance paired with the TTI Success Insights information have been extremely helpful toward pushing me in the right direction for my career. Through the software-generated materials and our conversations, we focused on gearing my adapted and natural styles of DISC towards a career that would mesh well with my characteristics. I was surprised by how accurate the results of the TTI assessment were.”

Max, Financial Analyst




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As the son of Italian immigrants, Mario has an inspiring work ethic instilled in him by a family driven to overcome hardship and build a better life in the face of adversity. While trying to adapt to a new life in a foreign society, Mario’s parents made sure that he had the drive to work hard at his passions in life. And that he has.

Mario began his career as the owner of his own sporting goods store for five years. From there his career shifted and he dedicated himself to the automobile industry, working for the same car manufacturer for over 23 years. His professional instinct was not selling cars, but rather building successful relationships. Because of his exceptional sales philosophy, he was awarded the Honda Canada Council of Sales Leadership award and then further awarded the Honda Canada Council of Sales Grand Master award.

Mario studied Business Management at Sheridan College in Canada and Lake Superior State University in Michigan. He is a Value Added Associate for TTI Success Insights and is certified in Style Insights DISC, 12 Driving Forces evaluation tools and TriMetrix Emotional Intelligence. Mario lives with his beloved and business partner in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Mario’s philosophy regarding success has never been focused purely on monetary gain, but rather on building beautiful, effective relationships that produce the desired outcomes for employees, customers and businesses. The foundation of a successful business is effective, enlightened leadership. Strong leaders are empowered to cultivate a culture of collaboration and open communication, which leads to happy, productive employees who love what they do.

In helping people to achieve their goals, Mario’s focus is structural. It’s incredibly important to identify the key skills and processes needed to achieve the desired result, and then implement a systematic approach to learning those skills and following the right set of processes to bring those plans to fruition. This philosophy applies to individuals and organizations alike.

After a plan has been established to work towards the desired outcome, establishing improved communication between individuals throughout the business is crucial. Working with both leaders and employees to open clear lines of communication and establish genuine employee engagement can be an important tool to gain valuable insight for the organization, as often leadership is unaware of structural inefficiencies and unhealthy patterns experienced at various organizational tiers.

Jennifer Hamann is a coach, counselor and certified TTI Success Insights Value Added Associate Specialist trained in using DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance) and the 12 Driving Forces assessment tools. DISC measures a person’s action preferences, revealing how an individual will behave. 12 Driving Forces is an assessment tool to help individuals understand the reasons underlying their behaviors. With her combined education and training, Jennifer is able to provide a 360º view of what her business and individual clients are currently doing and what behavioral adjustments are necessary in order to capitalize on their full human potential. She helps them find their “sweet spot” in work, home, and everyday life. Jennifer focuses on healthy communication strategies that provide not only excellent and productive work environments, but all around healthy strategies for a fulfilled life.

Jennifer has owned her own counseling and coaching practice since 2016. She has earned her master’s degree in psychology/counseling from Saybrook University. She holds an associate level coaching certificate from Integral Coaching Canada and she is a certified TTI Success Insights Value Added Associate for DISC and 12 Driving Forces. Having a broad skill set in her training allows her clients to receive the best coaching and counseling. Integrity in her work is first and foremost. Jennifer loves to hear her clients say, “I can’t wait to come back!” or “I have already implemented what we talked about and have seen an immediate change.” Jennifer lives with her beloved and business partner in Steamboat Springs, CO and in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

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